As time passes in this little adventure of mine, I’m starting to see a trend. I’m starting to celebrate big, special birthday celebrations every year with the same families – and that is an amazing privilege for me.

When I see that email from the Mom (yes, let’s be honest – it’s 98% always the Mom), my first reaction is always, what?? There’s no way little John or little miss Jane can possibly be another year older already!! Time flies – it’s crazy. And then I get excited cause I know that whatever they have planned, it’s going to be totally fun!

For his big, special day, Eli wanted a Cars theme cake with his favourites: McQueen and Mater. I sent him some of my *fantastic* sketches – we could make a sculpted cake, or how about a race track? He decided on the ever-popular 2 tiered theme cake. Your wish is my command…

He did a little happy dance when I delivered it to their home. I think it passed the kid approved test.

Last year, for his 3rd birthday, he was all about Toy Story:

And the year before, for his 2nd birthday, we did a sculpted Thomas the Tank Engine cake… and of course I can’t find the picture.

He has an older brother – and I get to be part of his big day, too.

It’s a pretty cool thing.



Toy Story Cake – Girl Style!

I’ve made a couple of Toy Story themed cakes, but always for boys. So, when Maddy’s birthday came around (back in October… that’s how far behind I am in the cakes I’ve wanted to blog about) and her Mom contacted me for a cake that had to have Jessie and a horse AND be pink, I giggled. I was going to have to step outside of the Toy Story blues, reds, and greens – and make something girly.

We kept Jessie and Bullseye authentic and used a palette of brown, pink, and gold. We also had to add a very special little character… Peter… the bunny. Peter goes EVERYWHERE with Maddy – special little bunny for a special little girl.

Maddy’s Mom just happens to be Tanya Shields of Tanya Shields Photography – newborn/family/wedding/portrait photographer. I love my photographer friends not only because they’re some of the coolest cats I know, but because they send me great cake shots like these!


80s Theme Cake – Happy Times!

I don’t know if there is another decade that could possible evoke giggles like the 80s. I can’t decide if it’s because I was 6 to 16 years old during that decade and a responsibility free life was all fun and games, or if it’s because the 80s were truly happy, carefree years for all.

So, when MT&L contacted me for an 80s themed cake for their Christmas party – I was ecstatic. Instead of a fancy-schmancy sit down meal, these folks transformed the lobby of their building into a 1985 Prom – complete with an 80s band, balloon archway, and a “punch” bar. During our consult, we each brought a list of popular 80s things – we giggled, we laughed, we almost peed our pants… and we finalized the cake design.

Crazy sayings, Rubik’s Cube, Smurfs, PacMan, MTV, ghettoblaster, Michael Jackson Thriller, Memorex mix tapes, Pop Rocks, Bottlecaps, Ring Pops, Nerds….

Here are a few of my favourite things from the 80s:

LA Gear sneakers (the white ones!), Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, PacMan, Nintendo, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Dirty Dancing, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, slouch socks, Sweet Valley High, Jem, big bangs, crimped hair, bad perms, and acid wash.

What are yours?

The Girl with the Dragon Wedding Cake

He wanted a dragon. She wanted butterflies.

I wanted both.

Mardi Gras Wedding Cake

After a summer of working with mostly white and ivory fondant, October had a nice injection of color.  Michelle and Rob got married at White Point Beach Resort on Halloween weekend with a Mardi Gras theme filled with colors of teal, purple, green, and gold!  The design was replicated from a cake picture they found online. We added a Mardi Gras mask and a peacock feather topper as embellishments.

Michelle wanted to surprise Rob with a special fire truck groom’s cake. He’s hanging on to the back and she’s driving the rig! I wanted to surprise them, too, so I added little flashing lights at the top (unfortunately, you can’t pick up just how awesome this little addition was via my photo).

Michelle and Rob kindly shared the following images, taken by the talented Layton Reid.

Judging by the photo booth pics up on the Layton Reid blog, this was a fun cake for a fun crew!

I had never been to White Point Beach Resort until I delivered these two cakes. I fell in love with the entire place. Of course, I am a clear sucker for any beach. My kids love the beach and we are lucky to have so many fabulous ones in Nova Scotia. I take them as much as I can in the summer and we even go in the winter. A totally different experience, of course, but they get a kick out of being at the beach dressed in hats, mitts, and winter coats. Doesn’t stop them from attempting to build a sandcastle. Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up and stepping outside onto this:

And… there are bunnies everywhere!

Less than two weeks later, a fire destroyed the main lodge at White Point Beach Resort. The troops have rallied and they are rebuilding and aim to re-open in Fall 2012. In the meantime, the cottages are still available… I’m thinking the kids and I will sneak away for a couple of days this summer and become beach bums.

Let Them Eat Cake

Back in May, I was given the opportunity to make a cake for the dessert table for the Heart and Stroke Red Hot in the City fundraising event. When Avril (of Update Events) sent me the inspiration board for the event, I got giddy.

Marie Antoinette. French opulence. Black. White. Red.

The cake for the dessert table (the devine desserts were make by the talented folks at The Prince George Hotel) was a three tier round with black ruffles, handpainted gold accents, large red flowers, and a gumpaste Marie Antoinette inspired lady as the topper.

Since I was having so much fun, I also made a cake inspired by a porcelain doll… ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles! This cake went home with a lucky winner that evening.

My super talented friends at Applehead Studio Photography shot the event and kindly shared these pictures (thanks Liam and Steph!).

Thanks to my Grey Goose drinking buddy, Rob, who aptly titled this blog post when I posted a sneak peek pic on my Facebook page. There’s a debate as to whether Marie Antoinette ever uttered those words, but for today, we’ll pretend she did!

I’m a Barbie Girl… in a Barbie World

No, I’m not really a Barbie girl in a Barbie world (if you now have that song by that 90s pop band Aqua in your head for the day, I apologize) – but there was one day not so long ago where I immersed myself into that world for a cake creation.

Kelly and Katelyn are not twins but have shared birthday parties because their birthdays are so close together. After last year’s whimsical candy themed cake (scroll down for a pick of that crazy creation), I was anxious to hear what these two sweetie pies would be requesting for their 2011 birthday cake and got excited when their mom said Barbie theme.

Hot pink, black, white, tiara with a reference to Barbie – and here’s what we came up with:

Fit for a couple of princesses:

love glitter…


Thanks to their Mom (Donna) for sharing this picture with me…

Here is a peek back at their 2010 cake: