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Fred’s 45th

Usually, people make a big deal out of milestone birthdays. I’m kept busy with cakes for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc., birthdays. I immediately knew I’d like these clients because they go against the grain. They celebrate big on the 5s (25, 35, 45, 55).

For Fred’s 45th, his wife wanted a bright, fun and whimsical cake that matched his personality and also wanted to incorporate some of his favourite things: the Beatles, The Big Apple (NYC), Italy, and Happy Socks (seriously, these socks rock: And a 45th birthday worked nicely for adding the 45 record at the top of the cake – which worked nicely with the Beatles theme. I love it when it all clicks.

Happy Birthday, Fred!



Whooooo’s One? Invitation Inspiration…

In late Spring, Eva’s Mom and I met to discuss the design of Eva’s cake for her very first birthday. These are super special for me. Nathaniel and Alexis’s first birthdays are the ones that I will never forget. It’s a big day – we’re celebrating the day the most important little beings joined us in this world. Yes, I get a little sappy. And although I put a lot of love into every cake, these get just a little more.

We based the cake design around the “Whooo’s 1” party invitation and decorations. Eva’s Mom was kind enough to send this wonderful email after the party along with a few more pics of the cake on display – in perfect coordination with the decor (*love*)…

Hi Shauna,  
I want to thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on Eva’s 1st birthday cake. It was the centre piece of the party of course in competition with our little Eva. It completed the party theme and kept everyone talking. It was not only delicately precise and beautiful but absolutely delicious as well.  I will be in touch again in the future.


Much of the inspiration came from the graphic below. The must have elements were the owl and the color scheme (especially pink!). This is what I sketched during the design consultation. Again, I am truly grateful that people trust my caking skills and not my drawing skills.



And I’m STILL singing the mickey mouse song…

I tend to love every cake I work on (okay, if we’re being completely honest here, there may have been a couple that I didn’t love so much) but then there are some that just make me so flippin’ happy – and this is one of them!

When Asher’s mom contacted me back in April to make a cake for her son’s 2nd birthday, he was obsessed with Elmo. By June, he had moved on to Mickey. Mickey was still all the rage with Asher by August so the cake was a go. Asher’s mom wanted bright colors, his name, and the number 2 – and, of course, a big Mickey topper… so this is what happened in my little cake space:

6"/8" red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream


Alex’s Dump Truck

I love reading emails that begin with “It’s my son’s (or daughter’s) first birthday… and I was wondering… can you make this (insert awesome cake idea here)?”.

That’s exactly how Alex’s Mom’s email started. Alex is the “YES… it’s a BOY” (after 2 girls) baby. They have a family business and Donna (aka, Alex’s Mom) thought this would be fantastic:

 *Photo courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand

After my little dance of joy (yes, I get very excited about a good little challenge) and a few days because it happened to be an insane cake week (again, sorry Donna!), I replied, “you betcha” – with a smile. Here is the cake version:

 *Photo courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand

I love it when I have the opportunity to see pictures of the birthday boy/girl with their cake. Donna was kind enough to allow me to share these pics with you, too! All these photos are courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand.

 *Warning: this kid is adorable… SUPER cute…

  See…. I don’t lie. Super cute. And I think he likes his cake! 🙂

 “Seriously… I’m allowed to touch it? Seriously? hmmm… okay, here goes!”

 What’s a cake without sparklers??

 The family business is Wilf’s Demolition and Salvage (I hope I got that right, Jason)… appropriate for this pic! I like the way the fondant scraps are piled so neatly in the corner. Marble cake with vanilla buttercream.

 I absolutely have to end this post with this pic… so flippin’ cute. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, ALEX!