Cake Artist


That was was a common reaction when I told people I’d quit my full-time corporate career with pension and benefits… to make cakes.

Then again, it was also a common reaction when I dyed my hair bleach-blond and pierced my ear eight times in Grade 11.

I grew up in Cape Breton, nabbed a BBA from Acadia University, toiled in the financial services industry for a decade and then discovered I’m happiest when I’m creating. So I threw myself into this crazy idea and haven’t looked back.

You have to do what fires you up! I love every aspect of the design process but the very best part is seeing it all come together – that magnificent, wonderful, artistic cake creation that represents so many unique aspects of the recipient and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

What else fires me up? Music. Laughing. Running. Harley Davidsons.

And I love to break the rules. So, come on – let’s take this cake world by storm. There are no limits. No boundaries. Only fabulous sweet creations.

It’s a cake revolution. Are you in?

Shauna Austin
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Located in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


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