As time passes in this little adventure of mine, I’m starting to see a trend. I’m starting to celebrate big, special birthday celebrations every year with the same families – and that is an amazing privilege for me.

When I see that email from the Mom (yes, let’s be honest – it’s 98% always the Mom), my first reaction is always, what?? There’s no way little John or little miss Jane can possibly be another year older already!! Time flies – it’s crazy. And then I get excited cause I know that whatever they have planned, it’s going to be totally fun!

For his big, special day, Eli wanted a Cars theme cake with his favourites: McQueen and Mater. I sent him some of my *fantastic* sketches – we could make a sculpted cake, or how about a race track? He decided on the ever-popular 2 tiered theme cake. Your wish is my command…

He did a little happy dance when I delivered it to their home. I think it passed the kid approved test.

Last year, for his 3rd birthday, he was all about Toy Story:

And the year before, for his 2nd birthday, we did a sculpted Thomas the Tank Engine cake… and of course I can’t find the picture.

He has an older brother – and I get to be part of his big day, too.

It’s a pretty cool thing.


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