A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Millennium Falcon Cake

Krystal contacted me over a year ago with a simple email: I’m getting married August 27, 2011 – can you make the Millennium Falcon as a cake?


Hellz yeah. (insert happy dance here)


My resident 9 year old Star Wars expert was not here when I made this, which is too bad because he definitely could have explained every part of this machine and have given me a little history lesson behind the era. Maybe I should let him write this blog post.

Here are a few more shots from start to finish and different angles.

Carved and ready for fondant.

Etching details need to be applied while the fondant is still soft (once exposed to air, it will start to form a dry skin).

I love seeing the cake come together after the final touches – and a make over with the airbrush.


By request: a Just Married banner and some tin cans.


I had full intentions of propping this cake up on an angle for that in flight look, however, it traveled 300kms to Cape Breton and the road to Dundee is a winding one. I played it safe. This time. 😉

Congratulations Krystal and Chris!



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