Beach Theme Cake for an Oceanstone Wedding

I remember the first time I delivered a wedding cake to Oceanstone Inn and Cottages – felt like I was driving to the end of the earth. I have only been to Peggy’s Cove a few times and certainly never past it, but it is well worth the drive. Picturesque and charming, it is in my top 5 favourite venues in this area.

When we were discussing the cake design (beach theme with seashells), images kept flickering in my mind: the monochromatic greys found everywhere at Oceanstone from the wood exterior on the buildings to the trees, driftwood, and beach stones. Tinged with hues of blue, this, to me, was quite dreamy. This cake needed to be one where you would look at it and just sigh in a contended, relaxed way. Keep it simple. Turned out to be one of my favourite cakes this season.

The seashells are gumpaste – some white, some a grey/white marble, some dusted with a bit of coral.

Seashells, pearl beads, tiny icing beads, and a marble grey etched band around the base of each tier.

Alex MacAulay Photographers have a stunning slideshow of images taken at Oceanstone – well worth a peek.

Congratulations Cheryl and Andrew!


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