Whooooo’s One? Invitation Inspiration…

In late Spring, Eva’s Mom and I met to discuss the design of Eva’s cake for her very first birthday. These are super special for me. Nathaniel and Alexis’s first birthdays are the ones that I will never forget. It’s a big day – we’re celebrating the day the most important little beings joined us in this world. Yes, I get a little sappy. And although I put a lot of love into every cake, these get just a little more.

We based the cake design around the “Whooo’s 1” party invitation and decorations. Eva’s Mom was kind enough to send this wonderful email after the party along with a few more pics of the cake on display – in perfect coordination with the decor (*love*)…

Hi Shauna,  
I want to thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on Eva’s 1st birthday cake. It was the centre piece of the party of course in competition with our little Eva. It completed the party theme and kept everyone talking. It was not only delicately precise and beautiful but absolutely delicious as well.  I will be in touch again in the future.


Much of the inspiration came from the graphic below. The must have elements were the owl and the color scheme (especially pink!). This is what I sketched during the design consultation. Again, I am truly grateful that people trust my caking skills and not my drawing skills.



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