I Trust You – Do What You Want

Once in a while I’ll have a client tell me, “I totally trust your creative ability – do what you want.” On this particular week, I had three clients give me full creative control. It went something like this: this is the occasion, this is my budget, these are the “must haves” for the cake – you do the creative part. They can be fun. Or they can be a nightmare if my creative vibes decide to go on an unannounced, unplanned vacation.

Event: 50th wedding anniversary

Must haves: gold, the number 5o on the top

Gold was incorporate in the number 50, the banding around the base of each tier, and outlined in a few of the ruffle flowers with a color palette of white, ivory, and soft pink.

Event: son’s 10th birthday

Must haves: this birthday boy was getting a new puppy so I was asked to incorporate this new puppy and their current dog

Using a picture that was sent for reference, I created “Oreo” and “Cookie” out of gumpaste (the duck is Oreo’s favourite toy)… here they are chillaxing in front of their dog house…. it’s a dog’s life…


Event: sweet 16

Must haves: Glee theme/Glee Live show/VIP tickets

There’s a another story to this one (which will be the next post). It didn’t quite turn out the way I’d planned, but this was the final result.

All in all – a fun week! With a minor set back… watch for it in the next post!


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