Fenway Park

Heather and her husband hosted a dinner party for her Mom’s 60th birthday with Halifax’s favourite chef and best culinary entertainer, Chef Richard Julien (Chef Live) and wanted a special, meaningful, and fun cake.  The first and only theme idea was Fenway Park – birthday girl is a huge fan.

I got giddy.

But then I had a fleeting moment of panic.  I don’t know ANYTHING about Fenway Park – except that it’s a baseball thing. And it’s in Boston. I asked if there was anything that we should pay particular attention to and Heather said the Green Monster. Cool, I thought… wonder how difficult it’ll be to create that mascot. See… I wasn’t lying: sports challenged.

I think it came together in the end… it was A LOT of cake, but some sculpted pieces require a lot of cake in order to get the proper dimensions/proportions.

Heather’s Mom loved her cake – she shared this with us shortly after the party:

It was so nice to finally meet you yesterday! The cake was amazing! My mom was speechless. She didn’t want to cut it…but she did and it was delicious! Richard took some video so I think he was going to show you:) The night was perfect between the incredible meal and wonderful dessert. I am going to tell everyone I know! I’m sure I’ll be ordering another cake in the not too distant future!

Here are some pics of Fenway Park and the Green Monster (not a mascot):

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