The Sketch vs. the Cake

When I’m talking cake and trying to explain what I have in my head, I am sometimes asked, “can you sketch that out for me?”… and then I cringe… because I really can’t draw.  At all. Not even a bit. So, I warn them about my inability to put things on paper and send them my best interpretation, asking them to dig deep when using their imagination.

I thought it’d be fun to share a few of these with you.


The request: Toy Story themed cake for 3rd birthday. Must haves: Buzz and Woody. My sketch:

Nice, eh? (Seriously…. can’t you see where I’m going with that?? C’mon!!)

While what I’m really seeing in my head:


I was asked to make a cake for a very small, intimate wedding. She gave me full design authority – do whatever you want as long as it looks like a wedding cake. I have a love/hate relationship with these moments. I love that I get to make the design decisions because there are so many techniques that I want to try. On the other hand, there’s a lot of pressure to make something that the recipient will like without any guidance!

I love the idea of double height tiers, embossed detailing – and a vintage/retro feel! The sketch:

The finished cake:

And, finally… the request: a birthday cake for a coasting dare devil and his siblings. I got excited over this one… can’t you tell from my sketch??

Sometimes, when the cake is sculpted as this one was, and covered in white fondant, I panic a little. Hmmm… is this really going to come together for me because wow… this is pretty boring looking right now. A big blob of fondant covered cake.  Somehow, it always seems to work out in the end:


And there you have it – the sketch vs. the cake. I say skip the sketch and just trust me. 🙂



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2 responses to “The Sketch vs. the Cake

  • Lynn

    Umm… yeah. Judging from the “sketch vs cake” I’d DEFINITELY say “skip the sketch and trust you”. These cakes are amazing. The sketches – not so much. 😉 …. or maybe they are even MORE amazing simply because they help you see so much detail in your head??!! Nice work, miss City Girl Cakes. Impressed indeed.

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    […] of all it looked even better than the sketches (editor’s note: please see blog entry The Sketch vs. the Cake for further proof that the cake will always look better than the sketch!)  and the chats you and I […]

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