Misadventures in Caking: And the topper came crashing down

I now know how the men who couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again felt after Humpty fell off the wall (or maybe he was pushed? Could there be a conspiracy behind the real story of how he fell off the wall?).

Angela and John requested a soft and romantic 4 tier round cake – ribbon, beads, rose petals, and a cake topper. The set up went smoothly. I placed the cake on the table, applied royal icing (aka: baker’s glue) to the bottom of the cake topper, placed it on top of the cake, took my pictures, packed up my stuff and then went to look for the rose petals. Here is the cake before the petals:

Cute topper, eh? (Check out weddingstar for a large variety of wedding cake toppers.)  I think I may have taken 7 steps when I heard the sound of ceramic meeting tile. I stopped and closing my eyes, repeated over and over again: please don’t let that be what I think just happened. When I finally did turn around, the cake topper was not where I had “glued” it. Instead, I found it on the floor… like this:

(Angela, if you are reading this, I’m so sorry!! Again!)

In the end, I decided that the top of the cake must not have been completely level. Those toppers are extremely light. Obviously, not a good combination.  What do I do now? I can’t find the same topper in this city. If I tried to replace it, what would they like? As I was sitting cross legged on the floor, rocking back and forth, racking my brain for a solution to this conundrum, one of the kitchen staff came in with the flowers and saw the topper on the floor. She was kind but when she asked if maybe we could glue it back together, I really had to bite my tongue. I decided to add the petals and immediately sent her an email Interac money transfer for the topper.

In the end, they sent someone for another topper and Angela sent me a pic along with a very nice note:

The cake was absolutely beautiful!!!! Everyone could not say enough about it, how perfect and delicious it was! Thank you sooo much!!!

I have awesome brides. So, now, one of my standard questions during a consultation is: do you have a topper? Followed by: what should I do if I break it? Thank you, Angela and John, for being so understanding.

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4 responses to “Misadventures in Caking: And the topper came crashing down

  • Angela (The Bride)

    Shauna…you are awesome!!! I am sorry to say but I just had quite the laugh when I had seen my cake topper in pieces! You have awesome brides because we have an amazing cake girl!!

  • julie

    Awe that sucks, I’m sure you felt so bad. However, no offense to the happy couple but I think the petals and initial looked even better than the original topper!

  • Lynn-Maire

    I had the same topper and when Shauna asked what the topper looked like – and I described it – the look on her face was priceless – I’m guessing I had the same facal expression when she showed me the picture of the same topper – on the floor – in a dozen peices! LOL

    Our topper did stay on, but Shauna advised us to take it off before cutting the cake, which we did and it all worked out perfectly 🙂

    • citygirlcakes

      haha… YES, I’m sure the look on my face was one of sheer terror and disbelief that I would be entrusted with that topper – again! The venue didn’t have the cake table ready for me when I arrived and the manager was trying to assure me that he was perfectly capable of placing the topper on the cake. I responded that I was certain he had placed many toppers on cakes before but that this topper and I had a history. Glad it all worked out, Lynn-Marie!

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