Alex’s Dump Truck

I love reading emails that begin with “It’s my son’s (or daughter’s) first birthday… and I was wondering… can you make this (insert awesome cake idea here)?”.

That’s exactly how Alex’s Mom’s email started. Alex is the “YES… it’s a BOY” (after 2 girls) baby. They have a family business and Donna (aka, Alex’s Mom) thought this would be fantastic:

 *Photo courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand

After my little dance of joy (yes, I get very excited about a good little challenge) and a few days because it happened to be an insane cake week (again, sorry Donna!), I replied, “you betcha” – with a smile. Here is the cake version:

 *Photo courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand

I love it when I have the opportunity to see pictures of the birthday boy/girl with their cake. Donna was kind enough to allow me to share these pics with you, too! All these photos are courtesy of Donna and Jason Marchand.

 *Warning: this kid is adorable… SUPER cute…

  See…. I don’t lie. Super cute. And I think he likes his cake! 🙂

 “Seriously… I’m allowed to touch it? Seriously? hmmm… okay, here goes!”

 What’s a cake without sparklers??

 The family business is Wilf’s Demolition and Salvage (I hope I got that right, Jason)… appropriate for this pic! I like the way the fondant scraps are piled so neatly in the corner. Marble cake with vanilla buttercream.

 I absolutely have to end this post with this pic… so flippin’ cute. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, ALEX!


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