Born to Shop

After last weekend, I think I have a pretty good feel for how things go down on those Food Network cake challenge shows. However, I had more than 8 hours to create this piece – which is fortunate as I logged somewhere between 13 and 16 hours on this one – but was wishing I had a team!

When Ms. N. (a fantastic supporter of City Girl Cakes who has ordered several cakes for friends/family) emailed and said she needed a cake but for HER birthday this time, I smiled. I smiled because I knew this was going to be BIG. I smiled because I knew I would put everything I had into this one. I smiled because I sensed this would challenge my skills, stress me out, drive me to the point of exhaustion… but that it would be one of my most fabulous pieces. She sent me a pic from my favourite cake designer Pink Cakebox  and working around that idea, this was the final piece:  

How fun is this?? Shopping bags, boxes, credit cards, makeup pieces, lingerie… we incorporated some of her favourite brands (Chanel: you were in the running but since my cease and desist letter, we had to sub you. Sorry.), and posted street signs of some well known shopping streets (including local support: Spring Garden Road!). We had some fun with the credit cards (“Bank of Leo” – her dad!) and replaced the Holt Renfrew logo with her initials. This cake was HUGE and heavy – therefore, assembled onsite. She didn’t require cake for 300+, so the Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret boxes were fake cake (styrofoam cake forms). The top of the VS box, the Saks bag, JC shoebox, and shopping bag topper were all chocolate cake with Nutella buttercream. Notice the sag in the Saks bag – this was not planned (trust me… I was freaking… should have double layered the base, dammit!! But once it was on there was no way of taking it off without wrecking the top of the VS box so I had to continue and hope for the best). It survived and actually made it look like a shopping bag would probably look if thrown on top of a few boxes.

Happy Birthday, N!

And thank you for being such a fantastic supporter of City Girl Cakes (these were ordered for family/friends):

        and I’m pretty sure there was a naughty one in there, too! Sorry if I missed any, N.


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6 responses to “Born to Shop

  • Michelle

    Oh my word…how awesome is that! OK…when I saw the Saks bag in the photo…I was stressing out too?! Couldn’t figure out if that was done on purpose. But you’re right, the look is perfect. Gotta be one of your best yet. And just how do you plan on outdoing yourself now???

  • Nadine

    You did such an amazing job Shauna! My cake was the highlight of my birthday 🙂 “the saks bag oh no worries it’s suppose to look like that, it gives it a real effect” LOL!!!! again thank you so much Shauna your work is amazing I can’t wait to order the next cake 😀

  • Sherry

    Ha – I bet Chanel would be JEALOUS right about now! Wow!

  • Darlene

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! In-freaking-credible!! Food Network’s Cake Challenge wouldn’t stand a chance next to you!!

  • Darleen

    Question – the fondant makes some of these cakes look awesome, but what about eating the cake?
    I have never liked the taste of fondant.

    • citygirlcakes

      Yes, many people do not enjoy fondant – some because of the taste and others the texture. However, it rocks when it comes to decorating cakes! It is easily peeled away and there is always lots of yummy buttercream filling in between layers of cake to satisfy any cake lover.

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