Cake for Adsum House Blooming Tea Event

Adsum for Women & Children is a non-profit, community based organization that has been active since 1983 in the Halifax region. Currently, Adsum operates three facilities that are dedicated to providing safe shelter and housing, services and support to female youth, women and children who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

For the past three years, City Girl Cakes has donated a cake for Adsum House’s annual Blooming Tea – an event to honour women and celebrate Spring (I happen to welcome Spring wholeheartedly, so I was definitely in a celebratory mood!). I enjoy these events for two reasons: 1) I get to support a great cause; and 2) I get to choose the final design!

The cake should be Spring theme (but not Easter). My original sketch was a two tiered square cake with a grass design on the bottom tier and cherry blossom branches falling down from the top of the top tier. I filled, covered, and stacked the cakes, painted on the grass, added the branches and flowers (which I’d made in advance) to the first face of the top tier. Then I sat back and stared at the cake.

For a long time.

I looked at it up close, from afar, at different angles.

I sighed (in that aggressive, frustrated puffing sort of way).

Many times.

And then I ripped off all the fondant and applied another layer of buttercream… at 10pm. I know when I’m not feeling the love and a previous experience taught me to always trust my instincts. I wish I’d taken pictures. – it was truly hideous. These moments make me question my abilities as a cake designer, but that’s the way it goes. I can have a fabulous cake idea in my head or on a sketch but when I’m in the moment and it’s coming together (or not) – that is the only time I truly know if the ideas are going to work. Fortunately, it’s not a common occurrence.

I surfed the web for an hour or so. When I’m looking for inspiration, I Google for trendy wallpaper, fabric patterns, scrapbook paper – anything with design elements – and poke around on stock photo sites. I’ve been feeling retro lately and this was the end result:

Love the colours. Love the boldness. Love the retro feel. Love Spring!

For more information on Adsum House and ways to give to this amazing organization, visit


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2 responses to “Cake for Adsum House Blooming Tea Event

  • Michelle

    Lovely job in the end! This one caused Aurelia to break into song ‘2 little black birds sitting on a wall, one named Peter, one name Paul….’ I’ll spare you the rest. Someone once told me ‘pink and green, never to be seen’…clearly, they had no sense of colour coordination. If only we could all be this creative at 10pm.

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